Retail Therapy

If you have a passion for shopping or just love to browse through stores, you be surprised with the diversity of Beechworth's retail outlets.

Fashion Boutiques

Spend a day wondering through Beechworth's beautiful boutiques with elegant designer dresses, warm alpaca clothing and the country charm of the Emporium.

Supermarket, Chemist, Stationary & Hardware

Beechworth has all the necessities you need to ensure your stay a pleasurable one.  So why not have a picnic, plan a BBQ, hire a bike, or just buy flowers for the person you love.

Banks and ATM

Toys and Books

Looking for a good book to read while your relaxing by the pool or a unique toy to take home to the children?

Pantry, Wine and Sweets

On the must do list on your visit to Beechworth is a visit to Beechworth Honey to taste their range of produce and to spot the Queen Bee in the shops hive, or let the kids feed their sweet tooth with a visit to the Beechworth Sweet Co.

Jewellery & Antiques

With over 1000 ounces of gold coming out of Beechworth, this town know a bit jewellery.

Giftware and Homewares

Beechworth Unique Shops

With globalisation it’s hard to find something unique these days, so while your visiting our town check out these shops.



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