Boutique Vineyards

Rutherglen wine region was established in 1856 and now is home to a dynamic winemaking community that draws on generations of experience while forging exciting new paths to produce wines of exceptional quality.

It's unique environment or as the French would say terroir, is a major factor behind Rutherglen’s ability to produce a diverse range of styles, from aromatic white wines, to full-flavoured reds and some of the world’s richest fortifieds.

A Relaxing Stroll

Only 2.3km or a leisurely 30 minute stroll will lead you to a little brick barn, with original timbers and an old bark ceiling.  The stunning views of the vineyard along your journey and gallery of local sculptures may seek to distract you from what lies inside.

A French Restaurant which always receives commendations (12 Hats AGFG) for quality cuisine.

Jones Winery and Restaurant is full of surprises and is a wonderful place to laze away the day with a glass of their award winning wine.


$1 Challenge Excepted

The Corowa Flour Mill was once the hart of the towns industrial history
before closing and falling into disrepair.

 But council had a vision and sold the old mill for a buck and a promise:
"to bring it back to life and put our little town on the map".

In every drop of Corowa’s finest Whisky, you’ll get a true taste of community, which have become just as much a part of our distillery, the ingredients and the land itself.

From the grains sourced from local farmers, to the water they pinch from the Murray River, even there copper stills were handmade in Corowa.

Farm Gate and Gourmet Produce