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Parks Victoria's Beechworth Heritage Park and the hills surrounding the town are full with Mountain Bike Trails ranging from cross country to downhill, from Green beginner trails to the challenging double black.

Kudos needs to go to the Beechworth Chain Gang for creating and maintaining the Beechworth Mountain Bike Park and many of the trails in the region, along with prisoners from the Beechworth Correctional Centre.

Beechworth Mountain Bike Park is on Alma Road, and is set on a moderate hill making it the perfect location for all rider skill levels.  There is an excellent mix of short pinch climbs, tight switchbacks, and technically challenging sections all housed within single tracks that loop to and from a single trailhead. The park consists of a cross country single track, a short course downhill, a jumps area and a beginners cross country loop.  The downhill crew are also catered for with a short, fast and technical track that is easily shuttled for endless runs.

Beechworth MTB Trails

Flame Trees Loop

Head down the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail towards Everton and at Diffey Road you'll find the start of the Flame Trees loop.  A 10km single track loop running parallel to the rail trail which is suitable for entry level riders through to the accomplished.

Multiple short but technical descents into the shaded gullies, with a combination of rocks and multiple gradient changes are followed by snaking switchbacked  and climbs.

Watch for the bollards that direct you on and off the rail trail on the left as you descend.


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